Airport - Tobago

ANR Robinson International Airport 

Situated just 6.8 miles (11km) from Scarborough, the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport offers a minimal amount flights to from the Caribbean and international destinations. A.N.R. Robinson International Airport has two terminals. The International Terminal and Regional Terminal.

The International Terminal serves international cargo flights, general aviation and helicopter flights and has seven aircraft parking positions while the Regional Terminal is the main passenger terminal for arivals and departures within the Caribbean and handles all cargo passenger airline traffic and regional commercial traffic. It has six aircraft parking positions.

  • Small and simple are two words that best describe ANR Robinson International Airport. After de-boarding passengers take a short walk across the tarmac towards the terminal building, but don’t let the briskness of the walk fool you. Be prepared for a relatively long wait to clear Immigration. Passengers with disabilities or those traveling with small children will be given priority, just notify one of the staff upon entering the Immigration area.
  • Once you’ve made it through Immigration, collect your bags at the single baggage carousel, expect a few more delays as you sort through all the stacked luggage. Ground handlers will usually offload luggage from the carousel to avoid backups and clutter on the belt.
  • As you make your way towards customs this is where things speed up a bit. If you have no items to declare and you’ve answered the Customs officer’s obligatory questions you’re in the clear and can continue out into a sea of taxi drivers all vying for your business. There are standard taxi fares posted inside the airport arrival lounge for you to get an idea of what the going rates are from the airport to anywhere on the island.
  • If you are unsure which taxi driver to use take a look to the left of the terminal building there is a main taxi area where you can request the services of one of the registered taxi drivers to take you to you accommodation.
  • If you would like to rent a vehicle for the length of your stay there are several car rental companies located just across the road in the main car park area.
  • Need local currency for your stay? Continue in a straight line outside the terminal building to a Republic Bank Blue Machine ATM where you can withdraw cash with your credit card. 



The Crown Point International Airport was commissioned in December 1940 to be the secondary airport for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The airport was renamed on May 19th, 2011 as a dedication by the Tobago House of Assembly for Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson SC Hon. DCL, Hon. outstanding political career and many contributions to the nation.

Mr. Robinson was the third Prime Minister and subsequently the third President of Trinidad and Tobago and the first outstanding political figure in Tobago’s history.

  • So its time to leave paradise. You’ve got that all over tan, loads of photos and a trunk full of memories. As you get into the terminal at ANR Robinson International Airport you will notice that all the airlines, Virgin being the exception, don’t have their own ground handling team. Piarco Air Services handles all other airline check ins in Tobago. Check in can be slow with larger flights so it is advisable to make sure you are at the counter well within 3 hrs of departure.
  • Now would be a good time to grab a quick bite to eat as the concessions area inside the terminal of the airport is limited. On the outside of the airport you will find Vie de France cafe that serves coffee, sandwiches, cakes and light meals.
  • Once you’ve checked your bags, secured your boarding pass, luggage stubs, departure tax certificate and had a quick snack you can clear security and head to the departure lounge. There is not much shopping to be done inside the departure lounge except a small duty-free shop with a limited selection of items for sale.