Private Taxis

Private Taxi Service

Almost anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago you can find a taxi. These cars are easily recognizable by the "H" on their license plates and are run by private companies/individuals and have fixed fares. Private taxis can be a little more expensive than the regular route taxis but are ideal for those nights out on the town. Route Taxis generally don’t operate beyond a certain time at night. 

Note: You should always check with the operator when calling to confirm the fare before embarking on your journey.


800 TAX

3 Canaan Road, La Romain

Phone: 868-800-8294




Kalloo's Auto Rentals Taxi Service & Tours

Piarco International Airport, Piarco

Phone 868-669-5673


31 French Street, Woodbrook

Phone 868-622-9073 or 868-628-2394




Nu Image Shuttle Services Ltd 

214 Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay

Phone 868-659-4510 




Krista's Executive Tours Car Rentals & Taxi Service

Diego Martin

Phone 868-724-7124



A & A Taxi & Car Rental 

37 Tragarete Road 

Phone 868-622-5588


Broadway Taxi Service 

Brian Lara Prominade, Port of Spain

Phone 868-623-7304


Caribbean Limo & Cab Services 

24 Hour Service

Phone 868-640-0040

Phone 868-640-0060


Executive Consolidated Taxi Service

Vicks Avenue, Mayaro

Phone 868-630-8123


Himraj Taxi & Rental Service 

Piarco Int'l Airport, Piarco

Phone 868-800-3131


Ice House Taxi Service 

Abercromby Street & Independence Square, Port of Spain

Phone 868-627-6984


Kapok Taxi Service 

16-18 Cotton Hill 

Phone 868-622-6995


Mattadeen's Taxi-Cab Service 

68 Sea View Drive

Phone 868-658-4973


Phone A Taxi 


Phone 868-628-8294


Piarco Airport Taxi Co-op Society Ltd 

Piarco Airport, Piarco

Phone 868-669-1689

Phone 868-669-0282


Queen's Park Taxi Stand 

Queen's Park West, Port of Spain

Phone 868-625-3002


R & R Transport Tours & Rentals 

62 Factory Road Piarco

Phone 868-669-1335


Route 2 Maxi Taxi Association 

South Quay, Port of Spain

Phone 868-624-3505


Royal Taxi Service 

Crown Point, Tobago

Phone 868-639-8153


Store Bay Local Road

Phone 868-639-7393


Southern Tax Services Ltd 

319 Southern Main Road La Romain

Phone 868-697-0521


St Anthony's Taxi Cab Co-Operative 

Pt Ligoure, Point Fortin

Phone 868-648-3941


Transport Solutions Ltd 

17 St Helena Village, Piarco

Phone 868-669-4332


Trinidad & Tobago Tourist Transport Services Association

Cruise Ship Complex, Port of Spain

Phone 868-623-4419

Phone 868-624-5016


Yellow Cab Services Ltd 

1 College Road, Saint Augustine

Phone 868-645-8294