Virtual Tour - Trinidad Beaches

Maracas Beach

is the most popular beach in the North. It can be accessed by the Saddle Road through Maraval or by the Saddle Road from San Juan through Santa Cruz, and again onto the North Coast Road. The beach is about 1850m / 1 1/4m long and has off white sand. Waves are an average height of 1.0m / 3ft and are ideal for surfing. 

Tyrico Bay

Just east of Maracas Bay is Tyrico Bay with a beach about 900m / 1/2mi long and fine grayish brown sand. Like Maracas it offers good sea and sun bathing with waves reaching to 0.80m / 3ft. 

Las Cuevas Beach

Approximately 8 km / 5 mi east of Tyrico is another popular beach at Las Cuevas Bay. The name "Las Cuevas" is derived from the Spanish word for caves and there are many caves on this beach. This bay is more sheltered than Maracas and is therefore calmer. The water is clear and provides excellent swimming with waves reaching to 0.82m / 3ft