Embrace the Spirit of the Caribbean: Savoring Trinidad and Tobago's Culinary Delights

Trinidad and Tobago

Delight your taste buds with the flavorful cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago

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1. Indulge in the Aromatic World of Curry

Trinidad and Tobago's curry dishes are famous for their rich flavors and unique blends of spices. Explore the vibrant local markets to find the freshest ingredients and indulge in mouthwatering curry dishes like chicken curry, shrimp curry, and vegetarian options.


2. Experience the Fiery Heat of Pepper Sauce

Trinidad and Tobago is renowned for its spicy cuisine, and pepper sauce is a staple in the Caribbean. Be prepared for some serious heat and try different varieties of locally-made pepper sauces that pack a punch. It's the perfect accompaniment to add some spice to your meals.


3. Taste the Iconic Doubles

Doubles are a must-try street food in Trinidad and Tobago. This delicious dish consists of two pieces of soft, fried bread (bara) filled with curried chickpeas, chutney, and a selection of toppings like cucumber, mango, and tamarind sauce. It's a flavorful explosion in every bite!


4. Sample the Exquisite Seafood

With its coastal location, Trinidad and Tobago offer a wide array of delectable seafood dishes. From fresh fish and crab to succulent shrimp and lobster, you can relish the best and freshest seafood prepared with a Caribbean flair. Don't miss out on trying the famous crab and dumplings dish.


5. Delight in the Flavorful Callaloo

Callaloo is a traditional Trinidad and Tobago dish made from the leaves of the dasheen plant. This delightful green soup-like dish is typically cooked with okra, coconut milk, and an assortment of meats. Experience the unique taste and texture of this island favorite.


6. Discover the Mouthwatering Roti

Trinidad and Tobago is famous for its delicious roti. This Indian-inspired dish features a soft, thin bread filled with a variety of flavorful fillings such as curried chicken, shrimp, beef, or vegetables. Bite into the warm and savory goodness of a Trinidadian roti.


7. Try the Refreshing Sorrel

Sorrel is a popular drink in Trinidad and Tobago, especially during the Christmas season. Made from the petals of the sorrel plant, it is sweetened with spices like cinnamon and cloves. Savor the tangy and refreshing taste of this vibrant red beverage.


8. Indulge in a Bake and Shark

Head to the beach and treat yourself to a classic Trinidadian dish, the bake and shark. Crispy fried bread (bake) is filled with deep-fried shark meat, accompanied by an array of toppings and sauces. It's a unique and delicious beachside meal experience.


9. Excite Your Palate with Pelau

Pelau is a beloved one-pot dish in Trinidad and Tobago. This flavorful mix of rice, meat (often chicken or beef), pigeon peas, and caramelized sugar creates a savory and slightly sweet combination. Sample this hearty and satisfying comfort food.


10. Enjoy the Sweetness of Coconut Drops

Coconut drops are a popular sweet treat in Trinidad and Tobago. Made from freshly grated coconut, ginger, sugar, and spices, these delicious bite-sized snacks offer a delightful balance of chewiness and sweetness. Indulge in this local dessert specialty.